Thursday, September 20, 2012

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature For Pc Full version

Harvest moon 

From PSX now come to PC's!
Harvest Moon Back to Nature

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature |118Mb|

In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, you have just inherited your grandfathers farm. Unfortunately, it has not been well cared for. The mayor has given you three years to restore the farm and gain the esteem of the local citizens. Restoring any farm requires planting crops, and thats where the game starts. However, as you gain some wealth you will have to spread it around to gain esteem and help from the townsfolk, who can make your life much easier. You must keep in mind that everyone in the town has relationships, and how you treat one person will affect another persons attitude towards you. Naturally, every farmer needs a wife, so you will have to woo one of the local girls and convince her to marry you. Once you have a wife, a family is sure to follow. With a family in place, saving the farm should not be a problem in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

Game Features

* Run a farm

* Plant and tend to vegetables
* Raise a horse and dog
* Earn extra money from livestock
* Get married

Download Link :

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Sims™ 3

The Sims™ 3 Minimum Hardware Requirements


* 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
* 1 GB RAM
* 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
* The latest version of DirectX 9.0c
* Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
* At least 6.1 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB of additional space for custom content and saved games


* 2.4 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
* 1.5 GB RAM
* 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
* Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1
* At least 6.1 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB of additional space for custom content and saved games

For computers using built-in graphics chipsets under Windows, the game requires at least:

* Intel Integrated Chipset, GMA 3-Series or above
* 2.6 GHz Pentium D CPU, or 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo, or equivalent
* 0.5 GB additional RAM

Windows Supported Video Cards
NVIDIA GeForce series

FX 5900, FX 5950
6200, 6500, 6600, 6800
7200, 7300, 7600, 7800, 7900, 7950
8400, 8500, 8600, 8800
9300, 9400, 9500, 9600, 9800
G100, GT 120, GT 130, GTS 150
GTS 250, GTX 260, GTX 280, GTX 285, GTX 295

ATI Radeon™ series

9500, 9600, 9800
X300, X600, X700, X800, X850
X1300, X1600, X1800, X1900, X1950
2400, 2600, 2900
3450, 3650, 3850, 3870
4850, 4870

Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA)

GMA 3-Series, GMA 4-Series

Laptop versions of these chipsets may work, but may run comparatively slower. Standalone cards that are installed in vanilla PCI slots (not PCIe or PCIx or AGP), such as some GeForce FX variants, will perform poorly.
Integrated chipsets such as the ATI Xpress and the NVIDIA TurboCache variants may default to settings that are higher than what would be optimal for them. Graphics settings can be lowered to improve performance.
The NVIDIA GeForce FX series is unsupported under Vista.
MAC OS X Supported Video Cards
NVIDIA GeForce series

7300, 7600
8600, 8800
9400M, 9600M GT
GT 120, GT 130

ATI Radeon™ series

X1600, X1900
2400, 2600
4850, 4870

Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA)

GMA 3-Series


1. Unrar.
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Install the game. Use the keygen in the /Crack dir on the DVD when prompted for a serial.
4. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack dir on the DVD to "installdir\Game\Bin".
5. Play the game. Be sure to have a firewall prevent the launcher and main game from going online.

Link Download


Pass join :
Use FFSJ to join files.

Password default: If you see error when join and extract, right click at file, choose Extract Files..., then check at Keep broken files then OK.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Angry Birds Seasons v2.2 – The Year Of Dragon (2012)

It was a dark and stormy night… but that won’t stop the Angry Birds! Pursue the pigs through 30 levels filled with pumpkin patches, exploding jack-o-lanterns, and creepy skeletons, lit by a full moon and eerie lantern light. You’ll get some unexpected help from a BRAND NEW BIRD – he starts out small, but don’t let his looks fool you! Complete all the levels to find some special tricks and treats! This year’s Halloween episode marks a year of great Angry Birds Seasons episodes, but we’re not done yet! Download now to get access to 205 great levels! Get ready for Ham’o’ween with the latest Angry Birds Seasons update! It’s going to be all tricks and no treats for the pigs this year, especially with a brand new bird!
This update include :
The Angry Birds are celebrating Chinese New Year by chasing after the pigs. The night sky is lighting up — and it’s not just fireworks!
Celebrate with a vibrant red Chinese New Year theme!
15 challenging levels explode with fireworks and lanterns!
Mighty Eagle transforms into the fearsome Mighty Dragon!
Mighty Dragon available for free in Year of the Dragon episode!

Use This serial key-

Password for mediafire links :mfw

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pokemon Master Collection

[Image: 80ef59.gif]
Emulators included:
Quote:>>Visual Boy Advance (for gba roms)
>>NO$Zoomer (Enhanced Version of NO$GBA w/ Full Screen options)
>>Desmune 0.9.7 (For some reasons, you might wanna play Pokemon B/W using this Emulator)

First, download the emulator pack here
[Image: a2a822.png]
Pinoy-Warez Download: [Check Download Links]

[Image: cf520a.png]
Pinoy-Warez Download: [Check Download Links]

[Image: 42d69f.png]
Pinoy-Warez Download: [Check Download Links]

[Image: 9ab88c.png]
Pinoy-Warez Download: [Check Download Links]

This package includes:
[Image: dbca55.gif]
Quote:Black (FIXED)
White (FIXED)

[Image: 079344.gif]
Quote:Mystery Dungeon - Blue Rescue Team
Mystery Dungeon 2 - Explorers Of Darkness
Mystery Dungeon 3 - Explorers Of Sky
Pokemon Ranger
Ranger 2 - Shadows of Almia
Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

[Image: 44907b.gif]
Quote:Pokemon Red
Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Blue
Pokemon Crystal
Fire Red
Green Leaf
Chaos Black
Flora Sky

[Image: a2a822.png]
Pinoy-Warez Download: [Check Download Links]

[Image: cf520a.png]
Pinoy-Warez Download: [Check Download Links]

[Image: 42d69f.png]
Pinoy-Warez Download: [Check Download Links]

[Image: 9ab88c.png]
Pinoy-Warez Download: [Check Download Links]

[Image: a2a822.png]
Pinoy-Warez Download: [Check Download Links]

[Image: cf520a.png]
Pinoy-Warez Download: [Check Download Links]

[Image: 42d69f.png]
Pinoy-Warez Download: [Check Download Links]

[Image: 9ab88c.png]
Pinoy-Warez Download: [Check Download Links]

Section 8 Prejudice (2011)

[Image: 245ddd4baa024241340b2b33a9f2aeb4.jpg]

Section 8 Prejudice (2011)
Quote: Section 8 : Prejudice (PC/ENG/2011) RePack by MIHAHIM
PC | 2011 | Developer, Publisher: TimeGate Studios | 2.62 GB
Genre : Action / FPS
We all remember the landing on the planet bravo infantry in the game Space Section 8! Adventures of the brave men from the landing was not the end, they had continued the game Section 8: Prejudice! Now this is not just a network platform for mass murder - in front of us there was a qualitative fantastic game that has conceived a company with a good storyline.

Network mode is prettier, has added new modes and weapons. A few words about the picture: the developers have tweaked the old engine and the war of the future is truly alive: Colorful explosions, flying past the body from the blast nice feast for the eyes. The special effects have grown at least on the head - now the explosions are more realistic and colorful. Guns in the arsenal also increased, which is good news. How successful a new game Section 8: Prejudice - time will tell, but to learn a new product is unique!

Do not cut (except for extra languages) Do not recoded retained all the registry path enclosing pill The most recent (to date) version of the beautiful, new installer with the music [v.4.0] Starting the game with a shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu Quick Setup ( 1 min. 5 min.) Efficiency RePack'a tested on Windows 7 x32 Author RePack'a MIHAHIM Group RG GamePac

[Image: c6d3e47c803f6f787d71b18646586041.jpg]
[Image: a7e6fe12797b6319471cdb377548b677.jpg]


Dead Island (2011/MULTI2/Repack bу Dumu4)

Dead Island 2011
PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: Techland | Publisher: Deep Silver | Year: 2011 | 2.51 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Heroes Dead Island – tourists whο hаԁ tο deal wіth thе dead come alive οn trip аt a tropical resort Thе Royal Palms Resort іn Papua – Nеw Guinea. Thе players hаνе tο know thе cause οf infection аnԁ аѕ soon аѕ possible tο escape frοm a реrіƖουѕ island fοr thеіr lives. Unlike thе heroes οf thе Left 4 Dead 2, caught іn a similar situation іn Dead Island wіƖƖ hаνе tο fight zombies аƖƖ means аt hand: pipes, brooms, baseball bats, machetes. Gеt hold οf firearms аnԁ ammunition wіƖƖ nοt bе simple
- Yου wіƖƖ hаνе tο live through thе horror οf thе invasion οf zombies, running first-person hero.
- Co-op mode fοr up tο 4 players.
- Ability tο repair, modify аnԁ mаkе weapons out οf scrap materials.
- Thе action takes рƖасе οn thе resort island іn thе open. Exploration οf thе planet іѕ nοt limited tο thе scenario game.
- Ability tο develop a character οf уουr сhοісе.
- Horde horrifying zombies.
System requirements:
- Operating system: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
- Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz
- Memory: 1 GB
- Graphics Card: ATI 2600XT / GeForce 8600GT wіth 512 MB VRAM
- Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
- Free hard drive space: 6.6 GB (10 GB tο install)
Features RePack:
- Dο nοt сυt / nο recoded tο a lower bitrate
- Installed Update 3
- Select thе language whеn installing thе game (thе Russian version, English version)
- Installing thе required software: DirectX, Visual C + + Redistributable
- Installation time – 20 minutes
- Author repack – Dumu4

The Zombie Diaries 2 World of The Dead 2011

The Zombie Diaries 2 World of The Dead 2011
DVDRip XviD AC3 MRX (Kingdom-Release) | 1.15 GB

Three months have passed since a viral outbreak wiped out 99.9% of the worlds population, turning its victims into flesh-eating living dead. In the UK, a surviving band of soldiers and civilians have taken refuge at a rural military barracks.

Life in this new world is tough and brutal, but hope appears when a high level communication is received from a military base on the coast, telling of sanctuary elsewhere in Europe... But just as salvation appears to be in reach, the base suffers an overwhelming defeat at the hands of the living dead! The surviving handful of troops and civilians must now make their way to the coast to uncover the truth behind the message. Their perilous journey takes them across a now treacherous, death-ravaged landscape, where the living dead are vast in number and wandering bandits impose their own malicious sense of law and order. What follows is a journey into hell and a desperate battle against all odds for the very survival of the human race.

Release Group: Kingdom-Release(p2p)
Release Name: The.Zombie.Diaries.2.World.of.The.Dead.2011.DVDRip.XviD.AC3.MRX.(Kingdom-Release)
Release Date: 2011-10-22
Filename: The.Zombie.Diaries.2.World.of.The.Dead.2011.DVDRip.XviD.AC3.MRX.(Kingdom-Release).avi
Source: Zombie Diaries 2 2011 WS NTSC DVD5 tater44
Size: 1.15 GB
Genre: Action | Horror
Video: 720?304 | 23.976 fps | 1 406 Kbps
Audio: English | AC-3 | 448 Kbps | 6 channels | 48.0 KHz
Subs: N/A
IMDB Rating: 4.2/10 from 445 users
RT Critics: 3/10
Directed By: Michael Bartlett, Kevin Gates
Starring: Philip Brodie, Alix Wilton Regan and Rob Oldfield

Download Link
Download from

Download from


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